Our Services

Macintosh Human Resources Consulting can assist you with

                                               Payroll Management and Processes

Payday written on multiple road signEmployees expect to be paid accurately and on time.  A poorly managed payroll system can lead to reduced employee morale, higher absenteeism and turnover rates, and decreased productivity.  This can have a significant affect on the bottom line.

Macintosh Human Resources Consulting improves ways to streamline your payroll and reporting processes to ensure they are cost-effective and efficient.

Our aim is to

  • reduce processing delays
  • eliminate errors such as overpayments/underpayments and incorrect employee information
  • minimize employee disputes
  • reduce unnecessary paperwork and use of spreadsheets
  • eliminate waste
  • have information easily accessible
  • identify fraudulent activity

We conduct an audit of your payroll processes to identify the root cause of the problem then take necessary steps to ensure your payroll and reporting processes are cost-effective and accurate.

Legislative Compliance

Compliance direction sign with sky backgroundFacing ongoing changes in employment and tax legislation, today’s employers require extensive knowledge of tax regulations, employment standards, human rights legislation, workers’ compensation, and occupational health and safety regulations.

Government auditors are more aware that many employers are not fully compliant with legislation.  This can lead to significant penalties and interest that can have a serious impact on the organization’s bottom line.  Employers can be held liable for failure to withhold and remit taxes and not properly compensating their employees.

Macintosh Human Resources Consulting eliminates risk of non-compliance by assessing your processes and practices by determining if any compliance gaps exit.  We develop an action plan to bring you into full compliance.

Policies and Procedures

Signpost "Best Practice vs. Productive Inefficiency"Macintosh Human Resources Consulting recognizes that policies and procedures are essential for attracting and retaining the best employees.  Policies and procedures

  • communicate company values and what is expected of employees,
  • are essential for employee engagement,
  • keep the organization compliant with legislation and provide protection against employment claims,
  • are effective in resolving disputes,
  • support fair treatment of employees and transparency,
  • and serve as an effective tool in risk management: employee evaluations, discipline, and dismissal, discrimination and harassment, employee training, emergency plans, accident and incident reporting, financial management, and privacy.

Macintosh Human Resources Consulting reviews your existing policies and procedures, update them to accommodate legislative and company changes, create new ones, and provide guidance in their consistent application.

We develop employee handbooks that establish guidelines and clear understanding for management and employees regarding company and HR policies.

Human Resources Strategy

short term long termYour organization’s most valuable resource is your people.  An effective human resources strategy integrated with the overall mission, goals, and strategy of your business while meeting the needs of your employees offers a distinct competitive edge over organizations that see their people as tools of production.


Macintosh Human Resources Consulting assists you to develop a human resources strategy that

  • supports your employees
  • utilize your employees to their full potential
  • assist you to effectively manage your people and monitor their performance
  • attract and retain top employees
  • reduce absenteeism and turnover
  • ensure HR best practices

We assess your current HR processes by conducting a HR audit and gap analysis.  From there we determine what corrective actions are needed and implement necessary changes to make HR the strength and foundation of your organization.