About Us


Cost effective HR solutions that optimize employee and business performance.


  • We build trustful relationships on both sides
  • We create transparency through an open two way communication channel realizing we depend on each other for success
  • We collaborate by working together with our clients to obtain the best results
  • We value our clients believing that our success is defined by that of our clients


  • To work with business owners and managers to provide HR services essential for competing in today’s rapidly changing business environment with its complex workplace
  • To develop effective human resources strategies that align with the organization’s overall business strategy
  • To develop custom made solutions that fit with your organization’s values, goals and culture
  • To exceed our clients’ expectations

Macintosh Human Resources Consulting helps you to use best practices in human resources. We provide the benefits of an in-house HR specialist at a reduced cost by assisting you with

  • payroll management and processes
  • legislative compliance
  • policies and procedures
  • human resources strategy

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